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Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!

Our goal is to provide fellow collectors and historians with quality military collectibles and rare examples of 19th Century Photography.

With 45 years of experience in the field, we can provide the serious hobbyist or novice collector with items seldom offered elsewhere. Our lifetime guarantee of authenticity and our liberal 5-day inspection time, assures our customer that they can buy with confidence from Stewarts'.

We ship by USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail with full insurance and tracking. A tracking number will be given to you on the day your order is shipped.

A brief guide to navigating our site, if you are interested in a particular nationality to view, simply click on the appropriate national icon on the left side of the screen this will pull all of that nationalities items onto one page for you to view. Or use our Search Box for a specific item. A new feature located at the top is the SITE NEWS section. Just click on that for the full story.

We invite you to visit our online catalog and ask you to please bookmark this site as our inventory is constantly changing and we update our site nearly every day. Our site is up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are available in the office usually Monday through Friday between 9 to 4. Sometimes we are out of town at a show but we do answer our e-mails while we are away if you have questions.

We are also active buyers of quality militaria from Civil War through WWII.

Should you have one item or a collection, please contact us for a fair offer. We hope that you will find something of interest for your collection. Please Enjoy!, and please e-mail us your comments on our website

Larry & Terri Stewart
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Newest Updates:

European Armor, Shoulder & Upper Arm Guards
Original era manufacture. Left and right, segmented shoulder and upper arm guards of steel, decorated with brass rivets.Again, from the same Arizona
European 17th Century Lobstertail Cavalry Helmet
Original era manufacture. I have always like the looks of these old helmets, classic, and rather menacing looking. As with most of the other items on
European Early Cuirass, Front & Back
Original era manufacture. A very early, all steel construction cuirass which was part of the collection of ancient equipage recently purchased
Belgian M1843 Cuirassier Helmet
Original era manufacture. Steel and brass construction with an 1861 date on the rear of the helmet body. This particular helmet was part of the
French First Empire, 27th Regiment of the Line Shako Plate
Original era manufacture. Diamond shaped stamped copper plate measuring 105 x 110 mm. Pierced along its edges for mounting to the shako body.
French 1st Empire, Garde National Shako Plate
Original era manufacture. Stamped copper shako plate measuring 120 x 140 mm, with a pleasing patina. Pierced in several places for mounting, I
German, Holy Roman Empire Era, Morion Style, City Guard Helmet
Original era manufacture. Another Morion pattern helmet from the same local Arizona collection. This example surfaced in New England several years
British, English Civil War Era Carved Powder Flask
Original era manufacture. Carved horn flask measuring seven inches in length, with a wooden cap, and nicely carved spout.Incised into the body of the
European Pre Napoleonic Era, Cuirass Back Plate, perhaps 17th Century
Original era manufacture. A thinner gauge steel, and a bit smaller in size than the later era produced cuirass back plates. Dark steel patina to the
British, English Civil War Period Matchlock Powder Flask
Original era manufacture. A wonderful old carved cowhorn flask dating to around 1620-1660. Wooden cap, or base, with a handforged iron spout and
German, 17th Century Wheelock Priming Flask, Cowhorn, Ca 1650
Original era manufacture. Carved cowhorn flask with three iron spanners on one side to wind up the spring on the ancient Wheelock
US 18th-19th Century Powder Horn
Original era manufacture. A very solid example of a Frontiersman or Hunters powder horn measuring 12 inches in length. Expertly carved wooden cap
US Revolutionary War Era, Handforged Halberd
Original era manufacture. Dating to approximately 1776-1780, hand forged iron construction, and purchased here in Arizona from a collector of
US WWII Pattern US Navy Donald Duck Hat, Mint
Original era manufacture. We recently purchased an intact carton of 16 of these mint condition hats. Sizes available are  7 only. All are near new,
US WWII Khaki Canvas Wire Cutter Pouch
Original WWII manufacture in mint, unissued condition. Storage wear only. Available by two different makers, R.M.T. Co. 1942 & J.S.& S. Co. 1942.
US M1872 Mounted Artillery Officers Sword, Identified
Original era manufacture. A scarce pattern sword bearing a San Francisco retailers name on the ricasso, J.M. Litchfield & Co. . The curved
German Army NCO Sword, Eickhorn Mfg, 33 Inch Blade
Original era manufacture. Chrome finished blade measuring 33 inches in length, very clean, no corrosion issues, one small nick in the edge. The blade
Swiss M1911 Schmidt Rubin & M1931 Carbine Bayonet, Kiesling 199
Original era manufacture. A clean example of the Schmidt Rubin series of bayonets Waffenfabrik Neuhausen. Bright finish blade with light surface
Belgian FN FAL Bayonet & Scabbard, Kiesling 765
Original era manufacture. Belgian FN FAL bayonet made for export, ribbed black plastic grips, even steel patina to the metal finish. Normal age and
US WWII Hand Made Knife, 1944 Dated, Inscribed Scabbard
Original era manufacture. A very robust of a handmade knife and scabbard, presented to a US Soldier in 1944. The knife features a double edged, seven
US M1873 4570 Bayonet, Militia Scabbard, 1st Pattern Hanger
Original era manufacture. Standard pattern 45-70 bayonet as used throughout the Indian Wars and Spanish American War. Mix of  blue and steel
US M1873 4570 Bayonet Scabbard 1st Pattern Hanger
Original era manufacture. Standard pattern 45-70 bayonet as used throughout the Indian Wars and Spanish American War. Mix of  blue and steel
US M1892 3040 Krag Bayonet 1894 Dated
Original period manufacture. Bright finished blade pommel and guard with a US proof and 1894 date on the ricasso. The blade is bright with some
French M1842 Bayonet, S&K MFg.
Original era manufacture. Massive sword bayonet with a brass grip and steel guard. The yatagahn blade measures 22.5 inches in length with no
French M1866 Chassepot Bayonet, Navy Marked 1868
Original period manufacture. Standard issue Chassepot bayonet but with an anchor proof on the obverse of the guard. The blade shows a mix of
US WWI M1909 Bolo Knife Plumb 1917
Original era manufacture. Bright finished blade which is 1917 dated and maker marked Plumb Philadelphia. The blade is in original polish, with just
German WWII Original Gas Cape Bag, dtd 44
Original WWII production cloth gas cape bag in feldgrau color. Each is nicely marked dtg 44 under the closure flap. They exhibit storage wear only
Japanese WWII Replica Navy Hachimaki, CLOSEOUT
A quality Nakata-Shoten replica of printed cotton featuring a black anchor flanked by two kanji characters. Measures 14x36 inches, new condition.
Japanese WWII Replica Tabi Shoes, CLOSEOUT
These rather bizarre appearing footwear are famous as having been worn by Japanese Infantrymen during WWII. In fact, a local veteran relates seeing
Japanese WWII Replica Helmet Rivet Set
During WWII the Japanese Type 30 helmet used the Star or Anchor emblem, along with 2 metal rivets, to secure the leather liner in place. We are
Japanese WWII Replica Navy Landing Force Helmet Insignia
Stamped steel, double pronged back with brown painted finish. Will fit the standard Japanese military helmet of WWII.  
Japanese WWII Replica Helmet Star
We're pleased to offer these first class replicas of Japanese Army helmet stars, stamped steel, painted in the proper color, with rounded edges to
German WWII Kriegsmarine Mechanikersmaat (Artillery) Dress Sleeve Rate
Original era manufacture. Gilt alloy emblem mounted to a blue wool oval with a metal backing plate. Black cloth covered reverse. Several in stock,
German WWII Mauser K98 Trigger Guard & Floorplate, Waffenamt Proofed
Original era manufacture. German WWII manufactured K98 Mauser trigger guard assembly with floor plate, spring and follower. All components match,
German WWII Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery, Marineartilleriemaat Sleeve Rate
Original era manufacture. Yellow cotton embroidery on a feldgrau wool oval. Very clean condition. A winged shell with no moth issues.
German WWI Prussian Hauptmann Strap, Slip-on Single
Original era manufacture. Slip-on pattern strap with a light blue wool underlay, thin black threads interwoven into the silver wire cording. Single
German WWI Prussian Officer Strap, Hauptmann Single
Original era manufacture. Slip-on pattern strap with a white wool underlay, thin black threads interwoven into the silver wire cording. Normal age
German Shoulder Board, Slip On, Cavalry Piping, Single
Original era manufacture. Golden yellow imitation silk piping on feldgrau wool. Slip-on, with matt gray tresse.
German WWII Army Officer Aspirant Shoulder Strap, Artillery, Single
Original era manufacture. A slip-on pattern strap in Feldgrau wool, with red imitation silk piping, and matt gray imitation silk tresse. Double
German Luftwaffe Flieger NCO Shoulder Strap, Single
Original era manufacture. Slip on pattern strap piped in golden yellow for flight or airborne troops, rank of Oberfeldwebel. Normal age and wear,
German WWII Luftwaffe Signals NCO Strap, Cut From Uniform, Single
Original era manufacture. Signals Feldwebel strap with cinnamon brown piping and bright aluminum tresse. Cut from a uniform, as portions of the tunic
German WWI Prussian Officers Strap, Oberleutnant Single
Original era manufacture. Slip-on style strap with a light blue wool underlay, thin black threads interwoven into the silver wire cording. Normal age
German WWI Bavarian Oberleutnant Strap Single
Original era manufacture. Sew in pattern strap, with thin blue threads interwoven into the silver cording. Normal age and wear, removed from a
German WWII Municipal Police Cloth Sleeve Insignia
Original period manufacture. Green cotton embroidery on police green wool.  Normal age and wear.
German WWII Police Gendarmerie Sleeve Eagle
Original era manufacture. Orange cotton embroidery on police green wool backing. Near new.
German WWII Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt Eagle
Original era manufacture. Silver gray cotton embroidery on a tan cotton triangular shaped background. White cheesecloth covered reverse, removed from
German WWII Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Enlisted Tunic Eagle
Original era manufacture. Golden yellow cotton embroidery on feldgrau wool backing material. Very clean.
German WWII Kriegsmarine NCO Embroidered Tunic Eagle
Original era manufacture. Thick, dark yellow cotton embroidery on dark blue wool badge cloth. Blue cotton reverse with manufacturers initials MW.
German WWII Kriegsmarine Administrative Officer Wire Tunic Eagle
Original era manufacture. Silver wire embroidery on black wool badge cloth, white paper covered reverse, appears to have been removed from a uniform.
Japanese WWII Replica Navy Landing Force PO Field Cap, 1 Stripe, CLOSEOUT
At long last we are once again able to offer our customers these first class replicas. Heavy green cotton with the single black stripe and anchor &

A sample of what we have to offer:

Stewart's Military Antiques News and Events:

Dear Friends, Fellow Collectors

Terri and I hope all of you are enjoying the Summer season, with each of you finding time for some good old fashioned relaxation.
We have been busy these past few weeks, out buying new rare and mysterious relics to tempt you with on the pages of Stewart's Military Antiques.
The items shown in this month's contact email, will be listed for sale on Wednesday, August 3rd 2016. They represent some very fun items, some a bit out of the ordinary for us. We hope you enjoy tomorrow's update. And we invite you to check back often, as we add new items to our site on a weekly basis, usually, fifteen new items a day.
Thanks very much for your repeat business over the years and we both wish you Good Collecting..
Larry & Terri
Militaria from all countries and eras welcome

November 05, 2016
9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
At the American Legion/VFW Post
2125 South Industrial Park Dr., Tempe, Az.
South of Broadway Rd, just east of Priest Rd.
Admission $5.00
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